Well Street Stories

Future Hackney worked with young people from Hackney Quest to produce street and studio photography around the themes of change in the borough. Their work is currently being exhibited at Nu Dawn Cafe on Well Street.



“Changes in the borough….. This means looking after one set of people and pushing out the other. The older communities are feeling the pressure…this is not good for the community as a whole. Something needs to be done to make sure the people who are from here are looked after and respected.”



“I have lived in Hackney my whole life and I love it here. I was a drummer with Jean Vincent of the ‘beep bop lula’ fame…and I have travelled all over Europe. But you can’t beat Hackney, it’s just got that magic. It’s why all the rich people want to come here……. I suppose. We need to make sure it stays that way… a borough for all…not just the wealthier brigade!”


Tospy and Tayla

“It’s a shame that people who have lived here for years and years can’t afford to live here anymore. I don’t think that’s regeneration. Is it?”



“The borough is changing fast and there are a lot of expensive coffee shops and bars. The people who have lived here for a long time feel ostracised and isolated in their own communities. The new wealth in the borough needs to work for all, not just a small minority.”



“I’m a Hackney girl  born and bred and I have seen it all. The changes have brought a loss to the borough. Loss of the locals, the artists, the poor, the older generations and the communities who made it great to start with. There has been a breakdown of community and communication across the borough and the youth are feeling this the most. They need to be included in this re-generation programme. This is their time and their Hackney. The young need to stand up and speak out.”