People of Pembury

People of Pembury

Young people from Pembury Estate photographed and interviewed local residents. Giving an intimate portrait of their estate they produced an exhibition about their community.


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I live on the Pembury Estate and run my Caribbean takeaway ‘Finger Licking’ on Clarence Road. I love it here and really care about the people and my neighbourhood. It’s had its history for sure – its past reputation and the riots, but this street has resisted total gentrification and still represents local people. I aim to be an inspiration in the local area. Being a good person is what I focus on.


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I have lived on the Pembury Estate with my partner and little boy for the last three yearsProperty is expensive for young people and we were only able to buy our own property through the shared ownership scheme and with the help of our families. It took time and hard work to get it all together. But we love it here. It’s our home.

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have lived on the Pembury Estate in Hackney for four years. I miss my family in Somalia but I do not miss the poverty, war and corruption. I feel safe here and I feel I belong.

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I run a mobile coffee business called ‘A Man and His CatI am Hackney born and bred and love my borough. However, I also see the other side of gentrification. Friends of mine who have fallen on hard times are being shipped out to Essex. The working classes sold their houses and moved out and now they are worth millions! We should have stayed and had the foresight that Hackney had potential.

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I am eleven and I have lived on the Pembury Estate in Hackney my whole life. It is fun here because there are lots of other kids and we run, dance and have fun. I would like to teach kids when I am older because I am good at interacting with them.

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I work on the Pembury Estate and I am from Hackney. I don’t know anywhere else! I have seen the change – the rich coming in and many of the original residents being forgotten about. Money should not decipher a person’s worth. I really hope that Hackney can establish more for the poorer residents and not forget that they were the ones that made this borough great in the first place!

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Charley and Harleigh

We love living here on ‘the Pembury’. There are five of us in total – five sisters and we get up to all sorts. All of our friends live here and we like to laugh and play.

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Pearle and Evie

We are triplets from Hackney. Our other sister is at home today. We are studying drama at the Pembury Community Centre. The drama course is teaching us about relationships. We have learnt that relationships need trust and honesty to survive. In other words don’t cheat, lie or try to control people you love and care about. This is a policy for life. It can make your life stable and happy.

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I live on the Pembury Estate. I am the youngest of ten sisters. It’s annoying being the youngest one sometimes. I think it’s a good idea to have high goals and be confident. I want to be a chef when I get older. I can make shepherds pie, spaghetti bolognaise and chicken noodles. You name it and I will try to cook it.

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Margaret and Tracy

My name is Tracy and this is my mum. I was born and raised in Hackney and I have come back to live in my birthplace. My four kids and spiritual life are the things that keep me going. I go to the local church and I celebrate being here – being alive and well.

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I live on Pembury with my wife. These are my grandkids visiting us today. I think that Hackney should stop building so many private flats and think about more infrastructure for family life. There seems to be too much focus on profit and not enough on children’lives. Children’s wellbeing should be the priority as they are our future.

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I moved here recently from Australia because I wanted to experience life in London. It is amazing here. The diversity and different cultures are really very special. There is always something exciting going on in Hackney… like you guys photographing and interviewing people on the street. This is what I love. This is where it’s at!