People of Pembury

Young people from Pembury Estate photographed and interviewed local residents. Giving an intimate portrait of their estate they produced an exhibition about their community.

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  • Paul image
  • Margaret and Tracie image
  • Pearle and Evie image
  • Ashley image
  • Charley and Harleigh image
  • Anthony image
  • Kenzie image
  • Drew image


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  • Fatima image
  • Luke image


Watching Hackney

Watching Hackney is an online photographic exhibition by young people. A range of images that reflect their ideas and impressions about the borough. Over the last six years the borough has witnessed dramatic change in terms of gentrification and divide. It is also an urban space of great diversity and rich histories of local residents. This is a snapshot of Hackney and it’s inhabitants by the young people who live here.

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  • Hipster Haircuts image
  • We are all somewhere else image
  • Hackney loves Dogs. Dogs love Hackney. image
  • Hackney street style image
  • People in Hackney do not have proper shoes image
  • Cheap clothes + Poor people = Slave labour image
  • Don't leave image
  • We are all involved image
  • Hackney girls are cool image
  • Fading Hackney image